5 facts about aluminum fabrication that will blow your mind!

Aluminum fabrication? Yeah you heard that right. As uncommon it may sound, believe me, it’s not. Most of the commonly used things are either made of aluminum fabrication or are alloys of it. They are everywhere; right from your kitchen knife to the body of the aircraft, from car rimes to high performance vehicles, there’s no escaping them. It’s these degree of demand that attracts many people towards its manufacture and sale but not everyone enjoys the same reputation as BKF does, a company based in Gurgaon that is known all over India for its high quality aluminum fabrications. In this blog you will know about 5 facts that will blow your mind away.
i.Aluminum is the third widely available metal in earth crust That very well explains why they are so popular. Being in abundance, people since ancient times have devised ways and means to frame and reframe them according to their need. Of course, the other qualities that it possesses come in handy as well.
ii.Good conductor of heat and e…

Are You Planning To Cover Your Open Area Space

It is said that Ghar Roz Roz nhi bante, but neither are sheds of your car or coverings of your swimming pool. So once you have decided to invest in their construction, you better invest wisely. There is lot of options when it comes to designing car sheds or roofs but none of them possess the advantage offered by tensile structure. Whether that be Car Parking Tensile Structure or roof covering structure, it’s always prudent to go for tensile fabric structures.
Easy to install, cheaper to maintain, amazing aesthetics, excellent elasticity and durability, resilience to extreme weathers and extraordinary strength are some of the qualities which are on offer when it comes to using tensile structures. Tensile structure by its very definition means one which is held by the force of tension. It involves supporting a fabric made mostly from polymers or polymer coated fiberglass at critical junctions so as to give a distinct curvature as well as span and strength. BKF group is one such compan…

How Tensile Structures Are Taking Over Mumbai

Mumbai as we know it is a city of vast proportions. The city life and rural serenity have a striking contrast. With Mumbai on a mission to make their city one among the top best looking cities in India, they have welcomed innovations and technical advances that are sustainable and eco-friendly. This has brought about the transition Mumbai is making from conventional building methods to modern ones. The increase in usage of tensile structures throughout Mumbai shows the impact tensile structures have in Mumbai. 
In no time Fabric structure became the leading manufacturer of tensile structures in Mumbai. With a huge customer following Fabric structure has managed to complete projects all around Mumbai. The demand for auditorium Tensile Structurein Mumbai paved way for Fabric structure to show their craftsmanship in tensile structure construction. In Mumbai at festive times, there's always a shortage of auditorium services to book, this has made more and more auditorium buildings t…